What are the signs that a guy is not mentally and emotionally mature? For me, it’s when he asks what I bring to the table. Nobody needs to ask another person to quantify their worth because everyone on the internet is doing it. Here are more signs of immaturity I found scrolling through an online forum.

1.No Doesn’t Exist in Their Library

A contributor says they once dated a guy who threw tantrums whenever they turned him down for adult relations. They did it often, so it’s not like they were restricting intimacy. He had a toddler temper whenever they rejected his advances. They could never look at him the same way and had to end things with him.

2. Bachelor Syndrome

Another explains that it’s immature if a guy has lived in an apartment for some time, but it still looks like they just moved in. His staff is still in containers and bins; the only items to his name are a single couch, TV, and gaming system.

The mattress is on the floor, with no pillowcases or sheets. His only wall decoration is a couple of Kobe Bryant posters. There are piles of laundry and dishes lying everywhere. The only thing they can cook is frozen pizza or kraft dinner.

3. Anger Issues

It’s off-putting when adults cannot manage their emotions or respectfully communicate their disappointment. A commenter states that guys who get angry at everything are immature. They say that in their experience, this kind of guy consistently graduates to breaking things and putting their hands on others.

4. Black and White Thinking

One adds that guys who do not take accountability for their actions and put the blame on others are immature. Such guys will not apologize for anything and never show the slightest interest in your opinions. They’ll dismiss your feelings and will test your boundaries severally.

5. Victim Mentality

Several people agree that guys who refuse to take accountability for their actions are a huge turn-off. They’ll use all kinds of excuses to excuse bad behavior. Their go-to excuses are their parents, previous relationships, mental health, and other factors outside their control.

Such guys do not understand that all adults have scars, but it’s their responsibility to recognize them and change. They do not know that it’s their duty to make themselves better.

6. Insecurity

Have you ever talked with a guy who goes on and on about their achievements? It’s the most exhausting thing. One adds that guys who show off to other men about how macho they are or women they’ve had relations with are childish. They always find a way to sneak details about how tough they are, their truck, or their guns into a conversation. Building themselves up by putting others down isn’t above them.

7. He Is a Sore Loser

Some men won’t accept that there are women who wouldn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with them. Another responder shares that it’s immature when men take rejection badly. Is it hard to understand that a woman doesn’t want to talk to you? They say that such guys always take the loser approach and start fabricating stories about the woman to anyone who cares to listen. Their story is always about how the woman ruined their life.

8. Constant Gaslighting

A commenter suggests it’s immature when guys think a woman complains too much. They add that such guys get frustrated whenever women are dissatisfied with certain things. This kind of guy does not understand that women speak up after thinking about something for some time. They only apologize to avoid dealing with real issues.

9. Endless Projecting

Another woman states there is an immature breed of guys who always project their insecurities and opinions on you. She gives an example of how a guy may start talking down on women he isn’t involved with after watching an Andrew Tate video.

10. Commitment Issues

In the age of open relationships, there’s still space for the one-woman guys. According to a response, it’s unfortunate when a guy won’t commit to one woman. The guy thinks they are the only important man out of many and tries to argue with everyone.

He will not give up this intolerable behavior, even when it affects everyone else. Such guys are on their way to the scrap heap, and you shouldn’t make any future goals with them.

This thread inspired this post.

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