Harper Beckham Twins with Her Mother Victoria Beckham in Black Lace Dress & Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

Harper Beckham and her mom were spotted in Paris alongside their family for Victoria Beckham's fashion show.

The 15 Best Natural Toothpastes For a Healthy Smile

Freshening picks for happy gums and teeth.

Kendall Jenner Sports Giant Fake Tattoo on Her Butt in New Photos: 'We Get It, You're a Scorpio'

In honor of her zodiac, Kendall Jenner flaunted a giant scorpion tattoo in the Pop magazine spread

Keurig's Space-Saving Coffee Machine Has 56,000+ Five-Star Amazon Ratings, and It's 30% Off

“I wish I could give it 30 stars.”

The 85+ Best Halloween Costumes for Men Who Finally Want to Win That Costume Contest

Double, double, toil and trouble — win Halloween with these awesome costume ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg Little League Baseball Card Hits a Home Run at Auction

Items of historical value can sell for astronomical sums at auction, but passionate collectors can send the price of even mundane objects skyward.

Former Child Star Says She Was 'Shamed' Whenever She Wasn't Working

Former kid star Christina Aguilera said that she felt "shamed" whenever she wasn't working and was "pitted against" other children.

23 Best Cozy Gifts for the Homebody in Your Life

Commence couch potato mode.

These Are the Best Calcium Supplements for Bone Health

Calcium is also essential for muscle contraction and relaxation, and blood clotting. Calcium is the body’s most abundant mineral, and it’s essential for the development and strengthening of bones and teeth, muscle contraction and relaxation, and blood clotting, says Melissa Prest, D.C.N., R.D.N., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It’s recommended that adults under 70 consume 1,000 milligrams (mg) daily, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is best achieved through diet in foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt, and non-dairy alternatives like kale, broccoli, and fortified juices and tofu. If you eat dairy-free, though, or have been diagnosed with a deficiency by your doctor, then taking a calcium supplement may be a good idea. “There are many health conditions that may predispose someone to have a calcium deficiency,” Prest says. Some of those include eating disorders, mercury exposure, lack of parathyroid hormone, kidney failure, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, vitamin D deficiency, and prolonged use of laxatives or chemotherapy drugs. “People who eat high amounts of protein or sodium may also need to supplement calcium because a high intake of either increases calcium excretion,” she adds. Supplements contain different types of calcium—most commonly calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate has to be taken with food, as it relies on stomach acid to absorb and can otherwise cause nausea and bloating. Calcium citrate, on the other hand, is more easily absorbed and doesn’t require food to take. How we chose the best calcium supplements We gathered expert input from Melissa Prest, D.C.N., R.D.N. and Caroline West Passerrello, M.S., R.D.N., L.D.N., both of whom are spokespeople for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and relied on the registries of supplements vetted by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Our top picks Keep scrolling for the best calcium supplements that are third-party tested, USP-certified, or NSF-certified.

Identical Twin Using Sister's Nickname for OnlyFans Account Stuns Internet

"She exploited your identity for profit. She's lucky you only told your parents, instead of suing her," one commenter said.

How Libra Season Will Affect You If You're A Pisces

Libra season is in full swing, spanning from September 23 until October 22, and here's how Libra season will affect you if you're a Pisces.

Kate Middleton’s Go-To Superga Sneakers Are Majorly On Sale for $30 at Amazon Now

The comfy, casual Superga sneakers the Duchess of Cambridge has worn multiple times are on sale at Amazon.

Eva Longoria Goes Risky in Lace Cutout Dress & Victoria Beckham Open-Toe Sandals in Paris

The actress accessorized with a Victoria Beckham clutch and open toe stilettos to her stunning look on the way to the designer's Paris Fashion Week show on Sept. 30.

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Wavy Hair While Dressed in Winter-Chic Style & Peep Toe Pumps at ‘The Morning Show’ Filming Set

Jennifer Aniston filmed in Brooklyn for "The Morning Show" alongside Reese Witherspoon.

25 Horrifying Images of The Civil War

Photography was still relatively new in 1861 as the Civil War began, but when America’s bloodiest conflict ended four years later, it had become possibly the most photographed event of the 19th century.

USPS Is Suspending Services in These Areas, Effective Immediately

After suspending services in Florida for Hurricane Ian, the USPS is now limiting operations in Georgia and South Carolina as well.

The Real Reason Why King Charles "Caused Argument" With Harry on Day of Queen's Death, Report Claims

On the day Queen Elizabeth died, King Charles caused an argument with Prince Harry that had some pretty severe repercussions.

Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope Wants You to Step Into Your Power & Take Control of Your Life

Let nothing stand in your way.

Top Shore Excursions That Bring Tahiti to Life

Paul Gauguin highlights the beauty of French Polynesia with exciting adventures.

Best Prime Day Gaming Laptop Deals: What to expect in October

With the new Amazon Prime Early Access sale, you get another shot at grabbing a gaming laptop at a significant discount.

Athletes Who Went Into Politics

As the 2022 political season gets into full swing, one of the most intriguing candidates for elected office is Herschel Walker.

Mario Kart: Every Game In The Series, Officially Ranked

From the original to the latest game, we officially rank every title in the Mario Kart series to determine which is the best.

Tyga Puts Edgy Spin On Sophisticated Style With Two-Tone Pants & Ruffled High-Top Sneakers for Rick Owens’ Paris Fashion Week Show

Tyga took an edgy approach to sophisticated style while attending the Rick Owens spring/summer 2023 show during Paris Fashion Week. The rapper wore a boxy, oversized blazer with two-tone pants and sneakers.

Julianna Margulies Dons Black Sheer Dress & High-Heeled Sandals for ‘ER’ Reunion with George Clooney at the Albie Awards Afterparty

The actress wore a black tulle Carolina Herrera gown for the Clooney Foundation For Justice first ever Albie Awards and the post-ceremony festivities on Sept. 29.

Did King Charles III demote Harry and Meghan on the royal website?

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Ready For Love During The Moon Square Mercury On October 1, 2022

This is what they want.

Michelle Obama Commands Attention in Neon Pink Power Suit & Crystal Studded Heels at Albie Awards Afterparty

Michelle Obama attended the Albie Awards afterparty in hot pink outfit.

Tia Mowry Masters Day-to-Night Fall Style In Three-Piece Power Suit & Leather Mini Skirt With Strappy Stiletto Sandals

Tia Mowry came through with another fashionable Instagram reel, showing off her fall style in three sensational looks with strappy sandals.

Roblox Promo Codes List (September 2022) – Free Clothes & Items!

This guide features a list of all the working Roblox Promo Codes! If you're looking to get yourself some free accessories and items for your Roblox avatar, then we've got some easy-to-use codes that will have you looking stylish in no time. This list is currently updated with available codes for Sept. 2022! One of the […]

Video Shows Brand New $1 Million McLaren Supercar Washed Up by Hurricane Ian

Hurrican Ian is washing away cars in Naples, Florida, including a brand new luxury McLaren hypercar worth over $1 million.

A Bunch of Famous Guys Put on Tuxes for George Clooney Last Night

They were attending the Clooney Foundation For Justice Inaugural Albie Awards.

Meryl Streep Looks Elegantly Sharp in All-Black Ensemble & Pointy Pumps at Albie Awards Afterparty

Meryl Streep arrives at Albie Awards afterparty in all black sophistication.

Video Shows World’s Fastest Shark Stranded on a Beach Rescued by “Frightened” Good Samaritans

“The shark was dragged to the water, and it ended up swimming away.”

Victoria Beckham Brings Sleek Style in Black Midi Dress & Sock Boots to Paris Fashion Week Show

Victoria Beckham celebrated a momentous career milestone in Paris.

Kylie Jenner's Cone-Bra Gown Plunges Down to Her Waistline

Kylie Jenner has been making the rounds at Paris Fashion Week, stepping out most recently on Sept.

Bella Hadid Goes Full Y2k With Skirt Over Flared Jeans & Square-Toe Heels in Paris

Bella Hadid spotted leaving her hotel in a chic Y2K ensemble that had a blush pink skirt over jeans.

This is the effortless fall dress you need now — it's on sale for only $19

Finding that perfect fall dress isn’t always easy. You want something in a flattering silhouette that will keep you warm and look chic when you're out picking apples and engaging in other seasonal festivities. Allow us to introduce you to this Dearcase dress we discovered at Amazon. It checks all of the essential fall fashion boxes (and more). On t...

These Posture Correctors Will Help You Stop Slouching and Stand Taller

Plus, experts explain if posture correctors really work and how long you should wear one for.

Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection Is Filled With Her Sartorial Faves

Victoria Beckham debuted her Spring/Summer 2023 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The new range is filled with pieces that speak directly to her personal style.

The best Mac games for 2022

The best Mac games include everything from low-key indies like Stardew Valley to dense RPGs like Disco Elysium. Here are the best games to try playing in 2022.

Trevor Noah Confirms He’s Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ After 7 Years: ‘It’s Time’

Trevor Noah Confirms He’s Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ After 7 Years: ‘It’s Time’

You Can Get an 8-Foot Grim Reaper Inflatable for $40 on Amazon

This spine-chilling inflatable will have trick-or-treaters trembling with fear. 💀

50 Inspiring Bible Verses About Thanksgiving

Meaningful Thanksgiving scriptures show that there's so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is the time for you to show gratitude. Whether you spend the holiday thanking family, friends, co-workers, even yourself, don't forget to also show gratitude to the Lord. While celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, for many, is centered around enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving dinner (and, of course, yummy dessert), take some time to say thank you to your loved ones and the Lord for all the good that has come your way. For religious families and those of the Christian faith, this may come in the form of reading Thanksgiving Bible verses or saying a Thanksgiving prayer before the meal to put everyone in a thoughtful and gracious mindset. Over the past year, there have been many moments of struggle and strife, so it's extra important to remember that there is still so much to be grateful for in life. Perhaps you can say thanks for your health, your home, or even just the small moments of happiness like gathering with family around a warm Thanksgiving meal. And whether you’re simply thankful for God’s everlasting love or you want to give thanks for the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon you in 2022, reading thankful scripture will remind you just how to properly express your gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday. Looking for more Thanksgiving inspiration to read and share? Check out these psalms of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving poems for the season.

Hypochlorous Acid Is the Antibacterial Ingredient You Need to Know About

It's found in bleach, but that doesn't mean you should spray Clorox on your face.

From Kate Moss to Blackpink and Cher: shining stars at the Paris Fashion Week

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5 Warnings to Shoppers From Former Jo-Ann Fabrics Employees

Before you peruse Pinterest for craft ideas, you might want to know what former employees really think about the fabric store.

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Dua Lipa, Amal Clooney, and More of the Bestest Party Pics This Week

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