Distressed vintage tees and leggings have gone together like peanut better and jelly for the better part of the past decade. The pairing can easily be considered a staple of streetwear for celebrities, influencers, and regular people alike. Finally, there seems to be a much needed upgrade coming to this most basic fashion trend. It's time to bring a bit more sophistication to your go-to tee shirt and leggings 'fit because you deserve to feel classy, even when you don't feel like wearing real pants.The solution to upgrading the look is simple — swap out your vintage tee with a classic crewneck. Sound too easy? Take a look at these examples of how one simple swap of a tee can take your leggings looked from dated and tired to put together and polished. Save your band tees for concerts and give this super simple swap a try next time you reach for your favorite leggings (or comfy yoga pants). 

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Long Sleeves

The colder weather approaching doesn't mean that you have to layer on a hoodie or skip your tee and leggings ensembles altogether. Simply grab a long-sleeved version of a classic crewneck and your ready to transition your updated loungewear into the fall and winter months. Tuck in the shirt to become the most chic version of your comfortable self.          

Classic Fitted

There's just no denying how much more polished a classic plain fitted crewneck tee looks with leggings when compared to the once-cool pairing of a soft, loose vintage graphic tee. Fitted tees offer a snug, slightly more structured fit and they tend to come in purer, less muddled colors, too. 


Swapping out your vintage tee doesn't mean that you can't go cropped. A cropped version of a classic crewneck tee offers all the added sophistication and class — just with an extra side of sass. Classic fashion is sometime pegged as boring or even matronly, but that absolutely does not have to be the case. 


Vintage tees are loved for their softer, more forgiving feel. Unfortunately, this same trait can cause a sloppy, billowy effect when you attempt to rock an oversized vintage tee — especially with leggings. Try an oversized classic crewneck tee instead. You'll still feel comfy and covered, but without the messy vibe. 


Giving up your vintage tees when you wear leggings doesn't mean that you have to ditch graphics altogether. If a plain tee feels too uninspired for you, go for a classic fitted or oversized crewneck graphic tee. You'll still look more chic and put together, thanks to the cleaner lines.

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