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As much as I love wearing a denim jacket, sometimes the thick fabric can be too heavy for a transitional weather season. Instead, I wear a button-down shirt as a layering piece or a light cardigan made from a very sheer material if I ever need extra coverage.

Luckily, there's another option for outerwear during those in-between seasons: This Astylish Corduroy Blouse from Amazon. After trying this pick, I know I'll be getting more long sleeve shirts as an alternative outerwear piece. It's colorful, comfortable and fashionable for fall.

Astylish Long Sleeve Corduroy Blouse

Astylish Ladies Long Sleeve Corduroy Blouse

Astylish Ladies Long Sleeve Corduroy Blouse $ at Amazon

It's a button-down shirt and a shacket

One thing I love about this blouse is that you can layer it with other casual outfits for added flair. You can wear it as a regular button-down shirt and denim pants, or style it as a shacket with your favorite leggings.

However, I prefer keeping it casual when it comes to this versatile piece. I like wearing the Astylish Corduroy Blouse with a bodysuit and a pair of skinny jeans for a relaxed-yet-professional look. I have added it as my essential office staple because it combines the elegance of a blazer with the comfort of a shirt thanks to its oversized silhouette.

Additionally, I chose the red colorway to give my neutral pieces some pizzazz without overpowering the overall look.

Layer this blouse for the fall

Thanks to its material, this corduroy blouse is perfect for the fall season when the weather gets extra breezy. It's easy to style it over tanks or T-shirts, or you can dress down a classy mini dress with it. Since the material is lightweight, you can get away with donning this blouse when the weather is unexpectedly warm, especially when the temperatures are in the mid-60s.

Since the fabric falls naturally at the hips, this blouse works well as a cover-up for see-through outfits, too. It also features a front pocket to store your phone or key — trust me, it has enough space to fit a regular iPhone device.

The corduroy material is more durable than expected

What made this blouse a final contender to my outerwear options is the comfortable construction of the fabric. Usually, I find corduroy pieces to be too thick but this one was light enough to wear throughout the day.

After a few washes, the blouse did not lose its texture and the vertical ridges maintained its bright red dye. I love how I can mix it with my other colored materials inside the washing machine and I can air dry it without worrying about ironing it.

You don't need to iron the blouse

One big condition I have before shopping for clothes is that each item helps me to reduce laundry time. This blouse doesn't require extra ironing or a steamer — and that's a big plus for me!

You can easily wash it and hang it on a laundry drying rack to eliminate any potential wrinkles. Also, the blouse maintains its softness and texture after it dries.

It's one of those essential pieces you need for a last-minute outfit build-up and for its ease of care. One reviewer said, "I wash on a gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. It still looks great."

After washing the blouse myself, I concur with this statement. My shirt washes up nicely and the quality still looks great without shrinking or getting stiff. Unlike cotton shirts, this blouse will continue to deliver a proper fit thanks to the blend of materials that makes it soft, stylish and durable.

These are characteristics that are a must to make a piece a wardrobe staple that is built to last throughout the fall season. And unsurprisingly, I’m not the only one to appreciate this option. The bestseller has over 6,800 five-star reviews on Amazon. While there are many reasons for its high rating, the most important one is my original point, that this blouse offers the versatility of a blazer and the comfort of a shirt — all at an affordable price!

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