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Imagine you're filthy rich: a sea-view mansion with a Tesla parked in your driveway. Amidst all the luxury, you can't help but find yourself at the kitchen counter, reaching for your all-time favorite mashed potatoes. A mouthful you back to when you barely managed to pay student loans. Some things never change, and food choices might...

Watermelon Lemonade Cream Pie Shooter

Each serving of this creamy pie includes almost a half cup of watermelon, a yummy, sweet-and-creamy taste.

In a powerful fashion coordinate...Mao Daichi, a former great star of Takarazuka, with her husband 12 years younger than her, "Lovey-dovey date photo".

In the middle of Golden Week, the Hiroo shopping district (Shibuya Ward) was crowded with shoppers. A famous bakery right in front of Hiroo Crossing had a long line and many people waiting at the traffic lights. A couple stands at the front of the line. A woman, in particular, stands in the front of the line.

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Individuals prompted to experience gratitude and indebtedness are more likely to behave in prosocial ways

Two new social experiments showed that people prompted to experience both gratitude and indebtedness at the same time were more likely to behave in a prosocial way. Wanting to repay a debt produced better prosocial outcomes than having to repay a debt. One’s attitude towards God also played a role. The study was published in the Journal of Positive...

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A Police Officer Notices a Little Girl Who Always Waved at Him and Ends Up Saving Her Life

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Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post shares a list of products that have gained a following on social media, including concealer, lip gloss, an expandable burger holder, rolled ice cream maker and more.

Taco Bell brings back fan favorite item for a limited time

Taco Bell has brought back the fan-favorite Enchirito to its menu, along with the all-new Steak Chile Verde Fries and Steak Chile Verde Fries Burrito.

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If you love trying out new snacks, it's time you learned about Bokksu, a monthly subscription service that ships custom-picked authentic Japanese snacks curated by the passionate staff at Bokksu. When we tested the service, we were obsessed, with our writer saying it reminded her of the Japanese Family Marts of her youth. Danny Taing, founder of Bo...

Cartier Brings Back the Classic Grain de Café Styles For Summer

Inspired by the glamour of the 1950s French Riviera, Cartier’s iconic style is back for a new summer collection.

These Tiny Dogs Stay Small Forever, Because Not Everyone Wants a Giant Pup

Your forever puppy is waiting. Every dog is amazing! Big dogs, small dogs, and every size in between! But dog breeds that stay small have a special place in many people's hearts because, well, little dogs don't know they're small. Most small dog breeds have the heart of a lion and the swagger to go with it. Their sassy personalities are a major reason to love these tiny dynamos. Snuggling with a little dog is part of the true joy of loving a pup that won't outgrow your lap. Many small dogs were bred simply to be companions, so you're always the center of their world. Plus, tiny dogs are "portable," whether you want to take them hiking in a dog backpack or on an airplane next time you need to travel. They typically need less space than their bigger relatives, which is great if you live in an apartment or small house. Best of all, they tend to live a long time, often into their teens. And don't let size fool you! Little dogs have loads of energy and need exercise, too, to stay happy and healthy. Many small dog breeds are super-smart and will learn to control you, if you don't learn to manage their sometimes bossy behaviors. One final point: Even though a breed is known for certain personality characteristics, don't be surprised if yours doesn't fit the pattern. After all, dogs are individuals, too, and learning their personalities is part of the fun of being a pet parent! Here are 16 tiny dog breeds that you're guaranteed to fall in love with:

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Breakfast Six Layer Trifle with Watermelon

Move over souffle! This breakfast concoction will win over taste buds in a hurry. Vanilla yogurt, granola, watermelon, peach yogurt, coconut and rice cereal make up this delightful dish.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress: A New Upgrade for This Cooling Bed

Owen Poole, a certified sleep science coach, reviews Brooklyn Bedding's cooling mattress, the Aurora Luxe. Owen has reviewed this mattress before but Brooklyn Bedding now offers the mattress with an upgraded pillow top. In this video, Owen gives his verdict on what kind of buyer would be interested in the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress with the upgraded pillow top.

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Office romances can be tricky, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if a colleague is actually interested in you or just being friendly. However, certain signs can indicate if someone is flirting with you. From subtle cues to more overt gestures, paying attention to these signals can help you determine if a coworker is interested ... Read more

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Nike Releases New ‘Be True’ Collection for Pride Month

Featuring the Air Max 97 and Terminator High.

Useless household items that you probably have

There’s no doubt about it: we’re all guilty of buying and holding on to useless items around the house that end up collecting dust. Be it a silly banana slicer or a space-consuming egg boiler, there’s always something! In this gallery, check out some items that you definitely could have lived without. Click on.

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Rajwa Al Saif Wore an Elie Saab Gown For Her Wedding to Prince Hussein of Jordan

The Saudi Arabian architect looked perfectly regal at her wedding to Jordan's crown prince.

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