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15 Quiet Dog Breeds That Rarely Bark

From small to large, these pups are especially perfect for apartment dwellers. While it's natural for dogs to make noise when they sense a disruption, need attention or have something to tell you (even if that something is that a plastic bag blowing down the street just doesn't look right), many of us would prefer a dog that keeps their mouth shut more often than not. Whether you live in an apartment with a noise ordinance or simply can't abide 4 a.m. baying (we're looking at you, beagles), finding a strong, silent type of pup becomes a necessity for both peace of mind and harmony with the neighbors. Some breeds are simply more vocal than others; hounds and some of the toy breeds are known for having a lot to say, and others tend to keep their thoughts to themselves. Training can go a long way toward teaching your pup when it's appropriate to vocalize and when they should stay chill. But choosing a breed that's less likely to yap at every stimuli can set you up for success, too. Stick to these quiet dog breeds and you're less likely to have a 101 Dalmatians -style barking chorus on your hands. You'll find small, medium and large dogs that don't bark too much, are pretty easy going and would make perfect apartment-friendly pets.

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