Fashion is one of the most popular forms of creativity, self-expression, and freedom. It's a constantly evolving art form that can transform how you see the world and yourself. Your style is the ultimate reflection of your individuality, and fashion allows you to express it boldly. But finding your personal style among all the options out there can be tricky. While you could always look for tips and trends from influencers and Pinterest mood boards, why not tap into the power of the stars to find your signature style?

That's right! Astrology can show you a lot about yourself, and using it for fashion inspiration can be a fun way to spice up your wardrobe. Experts say you can use your zodiac sign to learn which clothing styles feel chic and effortless to wear. It's just up to you to take the extra step and apply it to your fashion choices. If you're curious about which fashion trend suits your zodiac sign best – or you're just looking for style inspiration – you're in luck! We asked professional astrologer and style consultant Taryn Bond to share more.

Ready for your closeup? Keep reading for your zodiac sign beauty and style guide.

How Can Astrology Be Used To Find Your Style?

Fashion is a very fluid medium that encourages experimentation. So, your style will likely mix many different aesthetics. And wouldn't you know it? Your astrological fashion ~ vibe ~ is made up of more than your sun sign. Exploring your birth chart can help you uncover your personal style essence and better understand yourself. "Your birth chart is your style because it shows your energetic makeup, unique expression, and the mark you're meant to leave in the world," Bond explains. She goes on to recommend focusing on a few key areas within your birth chart to discover your celestial style: your rising and Venus signs.

Rising Sign Style Tips 

Your rising sign is said to reveal your energetic signature and how you present yourself to the world. It's how you carry yourself and how other people define the vibe you give off when you enter the room. Astrologers also believe that your rising sign can affect your physical appearance, making it more influential than your sun sign in determining your clothing style, beauty preferences, favorite colors, and more. Since your rising sign is not your core self but the lens with which other people experience your energy, it's a critical factor in defining your style. You can dress to impress using the power of your ascendant. 

Venus Sign Style Tips 

Ever wondered how you can elevate your style? Dressing according to your Venus sign might be the answer. Venus is the planet of art, fashion, luxury, and aesthetics. It's how you like to show off the goods and flaunt what you have. Venus represents your tastes: what you like, what inspires you, and what you're attracted to. So, you may already like many of the fashion choices your Venus sign personifies. Be open-minded when using astrology to build your wardrobe. Venus wants you to be bold and let your inner beauty shine.

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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Fashion Sense

Fashion is different from style, and astrology can help you strike a balance between the two. Regardless of current trends, you can use your birth chart to refine your style. "Your rising sign indicates what looks good on you; Venus is the statement you want to make and your taste. Ideally, you want to mix elements of both when developing a personal style," Bond says. You can use this free calculator to create your birth chart. Once you know which zodiac sign(s) energy you're working with, it's time to do some research.

Bond suggests using the following steps to refine and elevate your look:

  1. Find your sun, Venus, and rising sign. What energy do these signs embody? How do they express themselves? What do you like/dislike most about them?
  2. Once you know what you love and admire most about these signs, recognize that they are your qualities, even if you don’t currently express them in your fashion choices.
  3. Finally, consider how you could integrate these traits into your wardrobe. Try using the three-word style method to artistically define your new celestial style.

True personal style can be more influential and compelling than fashion. Not every trend for your zodiac sign will speak to you. But you can still steal elements from each and make them your own! Read the horoscope for your sun, Venus, and rising sign.

Aries Fashion & Style

Aries likes to keep things edgy and exciting when it comes to fashion. You aren't afraid to push the limits of fashion or self-expression in your everyday looks. As a boss babe and a hustler, you need a wardrobe that communicates power, so you prefer street fashion and sportswear. And remember, bigger is always better with this feisty fire sign!

  • Key traits: daring, bold, authentic, direct, fearless, dynamic, flashy
  • Associated aesthetics: cutting-edge, inventive, biker, emo, provocative
  • Trends to try: (p)leather, crimson, menswear, headbands, oversized glasses

Taurus Fashion & Style

Taurus is a lover of all things luxurious. You like to keep your style simple and refined in order for your true beauty to shine through. Being the practical person you are, you like to stick to a wardrobe of reliable basics that you can dress up with accessories, hair, and makeup—relaxed, casual clothing that shows you are in the know.

  • Key traits: relaxed, luxurious, sensual, comfortable, classy, elegant, chill
  • Associated aesthetics: minimalism, goddess, practical, understated, subtle
  • Trends to try: muted earth tones, 90’s-inspired minimalism, turtlenecks

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Gemini Fashion & Style

Gemini likes to break the rules of fashion whenever possible. You enjoy mixing and matching clashing aesthetics that most people wouldn't dream of pairing. Geminis are fashion chameleons. So, your dream wardrobe is an eclectic mix of materials that offers endless customization and creative freedom to turn out iconic looks.

  • Key traits: curious, youthful, thought-provoking, eccentric, playful, fluid
  • Associated aesthetics: sporty, punk, skater, indie, cosplay, unexpected, colorful
  • Trends to try: stripes, primary colors, clashing patterns, bold prints, chrome nails

Cancer Fashion & Style

Cancer is a sign that prioritizes comfort and coziness above all else. But don't get it twisted; these water signs know how to dress! You like centering your style around timeless designs that accentuate your natural beauty. That's why we think a capsule wardrobe with a flirtatious, feminine flair is the perfect fit for you.

  • Key traits: nurturing, nostalgic, romantic, comfortable, soft, protective
  • Associated aesthetics: loungewear, retro, cottage-core, timeless
  • Trends to try: oversized coats, lace, cardigans, silk, matching sets

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Leo Fashion & Style

Leo likes to dress to the nines, no matter the occasion. You're a fashion-forward diva who's always up-to-date on the latest trends. Your style gravitates toward elevated glamour with lots of statement jewelry—opt for pieces that are both wearable and daring. Bold colors, loud prints, and plenty of sparkle. It's giving loud luxury and not apologizing for it.

  • Key traits: shiny, elegant, royal, bold, performative, charismatic
  • Associated aesthetics: glam, retro, regal, chic, flashy
  • Trends to try: vests, off-the-shoulder, v-necks, fur-lined, animal print

Virgo Fashion & Style

Virgo is the clever and detail-oriented trendsetter of the zodiac. You know how to make anything look good. Your fashion philosophy focuses on individually curating each piece to create a cohesive look—and effortlessly so. Virgos know how to look at any outfit and see what it needs to be exceptional. You're a style-savant who keeps it lowkey. 

  • Key traits: dedicated, studious, intellectual, insightful, adaptable, detail-oriented
  • Associated aesthetics: academia, norm-core, outdoors, preppy, monochrome
  • Trends to try: straight-leg jeans, front-tie tops and sweaters, midi skirts, layers

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Libra Fashion & Style

Libras get dressed in the morning with the intention of turning heads. You're a social butterfly who is always on the move and meeting new people. So, it's important for your clothing to be breathable while still looking sharp and stylish. Libras favor clothing that blurs the line between feminine and masculine, resulting in a unique and impeccable style.

  • Key traits: flirty, trendy, romantic, social, polite, lovely, stylish
  • Associated aesthetics: girly, trendy, coquette, y2k, classic
  • Trends to try: asymmetrical tops, peplum, oversized button-ups, heeled boots

Scorpio Fashion & Style

Scorpio may give off a dark and mysterious vibe, but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to an all-black wardrobe. Color is sexy, too! You're always eager to experiment and evolve, meaning you have a keen eye for emerging fashion trends. Choose well-tailored pieces that accentuate your figure while still leaving room for the imagination.

  • Key traits: passionate, alluring, mysterious, insightful, seductive
  • Associated aesthetics: dark, edgy, sexy, goth, siren, femme fatale
  • Trends to try: trench coats, shirt-dresses, cropped sweaters, sheer tops

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Sagittarius Fashion & Style

Sagittarius is the carefree and flexible fashionista of the zodiac. You view personal style as an exciting and limitless world waiting to be explored. And this sense of adventure extends to your clothing choices. When you're not jet-setting in your favorite yoga pants, you're turning up the heat with a funky and fierce fashion moment. Tres chic, mon ami!

  • Key traits: free-spirited, fun, lighthearted, enthusiastic, adventurous, experimental
  • Associated aesthetics: athleisure, flashy, form-fitting, sporty, edgy, insta-baddie
  • Trends to try: low-rise skirts and pants, patterned tights, 80’s inspired

Capricorn Fashion & Style

Nobody does timeless style like you, Capricorn. You understand the importance of a good first impression and always aim to slay. Capricorns love structured and sophisticated pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. You also can't help but splurge on expensive shoes, handbags, and other accessories to complete a look. You want it? You got it!

  • Key traits: driven, visionary, insightful, experienced, masterful, leadership
  • Associated aesthetics: professional, sleek, minimalist, classy, monochrome
  • Trends to try: business casual, sleek statement pieces, wide-leg pants

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Aquarius Fashion & Style

Aquarius likes to push the limits of what's possible when it comes to fashion. As the zodiac rebel, you have a quirky side that loves to have fun with clothing. Your favorite fashion moments are thrifted or second-hand. And if you can't find what you want on the rack, you'll take matters into your own hands with the help of your trusty sewing machine. 

  • Key traits: innovative, cutting edge, new, thought-provoking, rebellious
  • Associated aesthetics: trend-setting, novelty, goth, avant-garde
  • Trends to try: patchwork, handmade, streetwear, nylon pants, thrift flips

Pisces Fashion & Style

Pisces is living in the fashion future. You're the daydreamer of the zodiac, which explains your whimsical fashion choices. Style-wise, Pisces are drawn clothing that looks like living art. Your dream wardrobe should be a fashion kaleidoscope filled with frills, fringe, feathers, fiber arts, and anything else that reflects your playful personality.

  • Key traits: intuitive, sensitive, empathic, perceptive, spiritual, mystical, ethereal
  • Associated aesthetics: mermaidcore, witchy, eclectic, thrifty, grunge, whimsigoth
  • Trends to try: cowboy boots, dark eye makeup, pearls, pastels

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