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When we go to fast food restaurants, most of us will get a drink with our food. It cuts down on stopping off elsewhere, especially if we’re on the go. But there are a few things about those soda fountains that might make you want to drink your bottled water.

TikTok content creator @jordan_the_stallion8 is exposing the disgusting truth about fast-food soda fountains. This will make you think twice about using them.

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Getting a drink from fast food restaurants goes hand in hand. We do it every day and don’t bat an eyelash. But after watching today’s video, we’re more apprehensive about getting that large soda with our combo. We appreciated the knowledge he shared about the soda fountains' bacteria. We don’t know how often these fountains are cleaned. All we know is that the bacteria in that woman’s water bottle looked disgusting. It makes you wonder what’s lurking in your favorite fast-food soda fountain.

We already know this will be a hot topic with the TikTokers. So, let’s just dive in right now. User @Vaughn P wrote, “Oh my.” @JiffyBadger remarked, “It’s because it’s Arby’s. LOL.” @Reactionary_Leftism disclosed, “Ice machines are rarely cleaned, if ever.” @Brandon Fero – MLRT observed, “A joke and education in less than 2 minutes. Awesome.” @Rosa Vickers shared, “Same is true for all fountain machines, ex-gas station worker here. We cleaned ours monthly.” @Laurie Burcham replied, “Ice and soda machines are not for the faint of heart. LOL.”

Well, the TikTokers already had opinions about these soda fountains. They are cleaned at least monthly at some locations. But if you’re concerned about the bacteria, consider sticking with bottled water. It’s better for you anyway.

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