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The Difference Between Oversharing And Vulnerability In A Relationship

Oversharing can be uncomfortable for you and the person you're opening up to.

I Stopped Paying For Manicures After I Learned How to Use These Nail Tools

While some people have a standing biweekly nail appointment at their local salon, others prefer to take matters into their own hands with a good old fashioned DIY manicure.

15 Pretty Garden Planters That'll Look Good in Your Home and Yard

There's even a self-watering one for forgetful plant parents!

16 Budget-Friendly Potato Recipes

Potatoes are delicious and versatile!

Chill Out and Cook Slow: 11 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

It’s warming up out there, and once the sun really starts hitting us hard, nobody will want to heat up their kitchens, which is totally... The post Chill Out and Cook Slow: 11 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes to Keep Your Kitchen Cool appeared first on .

Watermelon Granita Filled Lime Cups

These mini melon look-alikes will delight your guests!

The 12 Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Sparkling Home

These sustainable finds make doing chores feel like a breeze.

Dunkin' Is Giving Away Free Donuts Tomorrow

How to get your hands on a glazed, sugared, or jelly-filled treat.

How to Make your Own DIY Metal Christmas Ornaments

A metal Christmas ornament not only has a rustic industrial feel but lasts for years. Discover all the supplies you'll need to make your own ornaments.

25 Stylish Work Bags That Can Actually Fit All of Your Stuff

A great day at the office is in the bag with these everyday styles.

The Best Booze To Pair With Hot Chicken, According To Viet Pham – Exclusive

What's the best beverage option to maximize the flavor of your hot chicken? We turned to a trained chef and certified hot chicken expert for the answer.

Kate Spade 24-Hour Flash Deal: Get This $360 Tote Bag for Just $99

You just found your new go-to tote bag. Don't miss out on this 73% discount.

Celebrities who go barefootin'

We all like to go barefoot on occasion. But there's a time and a place, right? Well, not really! Celebrities are often photographed shoeless, opting to forsake footwear on TV and film sets, for example, and even at red carpet movie premieres. Click through and take a look at these stars who've been brought to heel for wearing no shoes.

10 Luxury Destinations That Belong on Your Travel Bucket List

From France to the Seychelles, these luxe vacation spots are absolutely worth visiting.

Woman Uses Decals to Give Tiled Bathroom Floor a Budget Friendly Update and It Looks Incredible

They look so good.

What to Do If a Dog Steps on a Bee

Has your dog ever been stung by a bee? Here's what to do if it happens.

Promise, The Baby Shower Dress Of Your Dreams Is On This List

Sorry, but you may fall in love with all of them.

Adidas Decision On Kanye West Could Reap Huge Benefits for the Company

The Yeezy brand is as popular as ever with sneakerheads who are queuing up to buy the last vestiges of the sneaker line.

The 44 best and worst looks of May 2023

See the best and worst celebrity style from May 2023.

Idaho® Potato and Beet Galette

This colorful, elegant and delicious galette is wonderful as a vegetarian main course or as a tasty side dish.

The Real Reasons People Aren't Having Kids Now or in Their Future

With all the concerns about starting a family in today's day and age, the concept of people not having kids is becoming more common. For ...

This Pride, Brands Need to Stand by the Trans Community | Opinion

Where Bud Light and Target went wrong is simple: they let a coordinated political attack on LGBTQ people, led by a handful of activists and extremists, take their businesses hostage.

I Tried the Viral TikTok Pepper Salad So You Don't Have To…

You're going to want to make yourself a batch of this viral salad asap because it keeps getting more and more popular! The post I Tried the Viral TikTok Pepper Salad So You Don’t Have To… appeared first on My Everyday Table.

Everything we know about Jordan’s royal wedding where Prince William and Kate are among guests

Everything we know about Jordan’s royal wedding where Prince William and Kate are among guests - Jordan’s Crown Prince Al Hussein married Saudi Arabian architect Rajwa Al Saif in extravagant wedding ceremony

Why You Should Never Gift Someone White Hydrangeas

Plus, eight other summer flowers and their hidden meanings.

4 Genius Tricks of 1940s Housewives That Still Save the Day

4 Genius Tricks of 1940s Housewives That Still Save the Day

Pride Has Been Taken Over by Fringe Gender Ideology Activists. We Need to Get Back to Basics | Opinion

What it has turned into doesn't seem to be working for anyone—but what it started as and what it can be again is something worth fighting for, not ending.

9 Types of Antiques That Will Only Get More Valuable Over Time, According to Designers

Plus, the best places to source them.

Grocery Store Tortilla Chips, Ranked

So many tortilla chips, so little time.

King Charles III Reportedly Loves This $120 Cologne—Here's Where to Buy It

Plus, the fragrances that other royals—from Marie Antoinette to Kate Middleton—adore.

Pride at Work: LGBTQ+ Career Advice

Coming out never ends. To mark Pride Month, we asked leading young professionals from the financial & legal worlds for their advice on bringing your whole self to work.

Sally Beauty Employee's Credit RUINED After Being FORCED To Open a Store Credit Card by Manager

A former Sally Beauty supply store employee has shared their credit card horror story on TikTok. After being forced to open a credit card while an employee, user Cirilo says their credit took a hit years later after trying to ... Read More

22 Books By LGBTQ+ Authors You Need to Add to Your Reading List

These will hold a special place in your heart and on your bookshelf.

The fascinating and strange history of nail polish

Nail polish sometimes seems like just one of the many ways women have adorned themselves for years, as if that were some sort of natural fact. The truth is that the lacquer has a much more interesting history that dates back to ancient times and has morphed along with culture and style through the centuries. To find out more about the weird and wonderful history of nail polish, and to learn some surprising facts about the lacquer as we know it today, click through.

12 Affordable Cloud Couch Dupes to Get the Trendy Look for Way Less

You don't need to spend a fortune for the couch of your dreams.

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please SVG + 5 Cut Files for Fall

Create 5 gorgeous fall projects with this SVG Cutting File bundle. Create beautiful t-shirts, cards, gift tags, and more! Cut with a Cricut or Silhouette. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission. It is time again for the monthly free SVGs! These SVGs are all about Fall and... Read More

Cotton Candy Oreos Are Finally Back — But Only For A Limited Time

We'll never turn down a colorful dessert. Rainbow donuts, color-changing marshmallows, colorful margs — if it's bright and bold, we're there! Oreo is bringing back their Cotton Candy Oreos on June 5 in honor of the most colorful and carefree season: summer. Here's everything you need to know about the limited-edition snack. Everything You Need To Know About Cotton Candy Oreos "You asked…again, and again, and again. We listened," the brand said...

Every Celebrity Fragrance, Ranked

Get ready to take (fragrance) notes.

Here's an Alternative to Scented Trash Bags

If you really want to save money, become a more intentional shopper. Garbage stinks. Literally. But scented trash bags aren’t the answer.

Keep Your Pantry Tidy With These Smart Organization Ideas

Make your cabinets and shelves shine. 🙌

Balcony plants: 23 picks for pocket-sized growing spaces

Choose easy-to-care for balcony plants for a low-maintenance plant paradise. Here are the top choices for sun, shade and windy spots

When is Father's Day? Here's when it falls in 2023 and the history of the holiday.

Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June, but when does that fall in 2023? Plus learn a brief history of the holiday.

France Seizes & Dumps 35,000 Bottles of Soda Labeled as "Champagne"

The country strictly regulates the "champagne" moniker, which can only refer to sparkling wines from the namesake region.

25 Funniest Comedies on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch

From teen satires to buddy cop parodies, these comedy movies on Netflix are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. The post 25 Funniest Comedies on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

20 Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses That Look So Luxurious

From clean and classic to directional and bold.

47 Snacks to Avoid Getting Hangry

No one likes a hangry person.

40 DIY Kitchen Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Space on Any Budget

Make your kitchen dreams come true.

Idaho® Aligot Potatoes

This deliciously hearty recipe is tempting to eat it all by itself in the dead of winter for its sheer comfort value or accompany it with a rich steak for a luxurious meal.

20 American House Styles Every Design Lover Should Know

Consider this your official house-hunting guide.

Architect Breaks Down Why All American Diners Look Like That

Today Michael Wyetzner of Michielli + Wyetzner Architects returns to Architectural Digest to explore the design evolution of American diners. A cornerstone of American dining culture, their distinctive style has been emulated around the world making them a popular salute to the USA. Michael provides an expert look into the history behind their design evolution from the 1920s through to the 1960s and explains why all diners came to look like that.