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People have been celebrating the special people in their life as part of a wholesome TikTok trend where they've been sharing who is their "pink person" and "blue person". As part of the trend, the videos include a cute presentation of different photos with people's said pink or blue person who can be a friend, family member, or anyone who they beli...

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15 German Dog Breeds With Fascinating Histories

Small, medium, or large — they come in all sizes! From little fuzzballs to giant breeds, we love our pups of all shapes and sizes. There's simply nothing like the love of a dog, no matter how big or small. While German Shepherds are one of our favorite pups due to their loyalty and beauty, there are many other German dog breeds that will also make great companions. Germany actually is where many working dog breeds originated, but the country is also responsible for other breeds such as tough, little dachshunds, feisty Pomeranians and poodles of all sizes. Whether you're in search of your new snuggle buddy, a small dog, or a dog who will enjoy joining you on your morning runs, many German dog breeds make great pets, too. Just remember that all dogs are individuals, and although certain personality traits are common in a specific breed, it's not a given. Every dog, just like every person, has his or her own personal likes and dislikes. When searching for a new love, make sure to read everything you can about a breed before adopting, so you'll set your family up for success. Remember that not all breeds are suited to all lifestyles, and some German dog breeds require a firm hand to encourage mannerly behavior.

Why Tiny Houses Are the New Mega-Mansions

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You Shouldn't Be Handling Eggs For Omelets So Gently

There are pitfalls everyone falls into when making omelets. One such mistake occurs at the very beginning of the process - beating the eggs.

The Unique Meaning Behind Each Month's Birth Flowers

You probably know your birthstone, but what about your birth flower? If you’re a follower of astrology, the zodiac, or numerology, you already know that your date of birth is believed to have a significant influence on your life. People who are passionate about these fields generally agree that birth month can pre-determine things like personality traits, relationships, suitable career paths, and more. But even if you aren’t checking your horoscope every day or going through a spiritual awakening, it can still be fascinating to uncover the meaning behind monthly symbols such as birthstones, or an even lesser known category: birth flowers. While the exact origins of birth flowers are unclear, some historians believe they came into use as far back as Ancient Rome. Flowers were a common gift in the Roman Empire, and since the Romans were one of the first civilizations to celebrate birthdays, this could have led to the assignment of different flowers for each month. Regardless of how these categories officially came to be, the cultural fascination with flowers has lasted for centuries, and there are now dozens of flowers that have taken on sentimental meanings. Exploring the birth flower meanings for each month can be a new window into your own journey, and it can also be useful as a way to connect with loved ones. Purchasing a fresh bouquet filled with their birth flowers can make a simple birthday gift all the more thoughtful. And of course, if you ever needed another reason to treat yourself to some flowers, this is it. Birth flowers by month:

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11 Essential Home Security Measures to Deter Burglars

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L.A. meets New Orleans when you put some zing in this springtime crab salad sandwich

Inspired by the sandwiches of both Galatoire's and Bub & Grandma's, this tangle of crab meat on a warm buttered brioche bun has a bright, lemony vinaigrette, with pops of crunch and pickle-y punch from sugar snap peas and gherkins.

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The Classic Tom Collins: A Refreshing Gin-based Cocktail for Summer

Welcome to the world of mixology, where we explore the art of crafting delicious cocktails. Today, we’re diving into the classic Tom Collins—a refreshing gin-based drink that’s perfect for those warm summer days. Get ready to discover the secrets behind creating the perfect Tom Collins, as well as some delectable food pairings and other cocktail... Read More »

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What does Gail Simmons do when Top Chef contestants make food she doesn't like? The Bravo star shares her judging insights and easy recipes you can try at home.

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These nature-inspired baby names will appeal to anyone who can’t get enough of the Great Outdoors.

50 Hilarious Mom Quotes for the Sarcastic and Silly Mamas Out There

Share these on Instagram for a cute Mother's Day post. If there was a list of requirements for being a mom, a sense of humor would be at the top. From spilled milk and tantrums to sleep deprivation and messy houses, there’s no shortage of comedic material. All jokes aside, being a mom is the toughest job on the planet. You have to raise tiny humans, and there's no how-to book out there that will ever prepare you for the real thing. In other words, sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. When Mother’s Day or another special day rolls around, give her the best gift of all (no, not flowers) – laughter. Whether your mom needs a hearty laugh, or you just want to put a smile on her face, a dose of hilarity just might be what the doctor ordered. We compiled the best funny mom quotes that are totally relatable and will have her cracking up. Some are sarcastic and witty while others are full of puns, but they all capture the light-hearted side of parenting. Whether you use these funny mom quotes in a toast, write them on a card, or post them on social media, they will surely bring levity to the day.

‘Page Six’ Potentially Figured Out the Identity of the “Massive Movie Star” From Jessica Simpson’s Blind Item

The T-shirt and jeans are a pretty big clue.

16 Ways To Save Money This Year

You work hard for your money, so do not waste it, save it.

Woman Makes DIY Headboard Out of Wood and Fabric Scraps

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11 Actionable Ways to Show a Man You Love Him

Sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words. Everybody loves to feel appreciated and cherished, and that includes the guys in our lives. Sure, words matter, and you can tell him you love him every day; but why not show him, too? Sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words, and there are plenty of ways to show a man you love him that he'll likely appreciate even more than hearing, "I love you." Whether it's your spouse, dad, brother, son, or significant other, every guy needs to know how glad you are that they're part of your life. But it's easy to forget to show our love when we're all rushing around with other obligations, whether it's work, school, kids, or all of the above. But from little gestures to big ones, showing support for our men is good for them — and good for our relationships with them, too. The next time you want to reiterate your love for your man, consider actions over words. It doesn't have to be something huge; even small gestures can make your guy feel more loved, less taken for granted (because no one likes feeling overlooked!). By stepping back and doing something kind for your guy, he'll feel loved — much more deeply than if you just tell him you love him. Here are 11 simple, yet powerful ways to express your love, according to marriage therapists:

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