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Create beautiful large paper rosette party decorations with ease! This easy paper craft is perfect for any occasion. Let's get crafting! This post contains affiliate links. Whether you're planning a special celebration or want to add a festive touch to your home, DIY paper rosettes are the perfect choice. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will... Read More

Restaurants Clap Back at Nasty Reviews

Restaurants Clap Back at Nasty Reviews

22 Summer Dresses So Good, Someone Will Buy You a Cocktail

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The Rise And Fall Of Beauty Biz Upstart Brandon Truaxe To Be Chronicled In Doc ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’

EXCLUSIVE: ​​The life and career of Brandon Truaxe, founder of cosmetics conglomerate DECIEM, is set for the big screen treatment. Real Friends Media and The Donaldson Company, led by producers Lana Belle Mauro (Hip Hop Evolution, Once Were Brothers) and Mackenzie Donaldson (Orphan Black, Snowpiercer), respectively, are partnering to produce a doc titled The Abnormal

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Chef Leah Chase, the inspiration for Disney's Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana is largely inspired by New Orleans chef Leah Chase, and her family has been actively involved in the creative process with Disney as the company expands Tiana's presence in the parks. Why it matters: Tiana was Disney's first Black princess in 2009's "The Princess and the Frog" and broke barriers, much like Leah Chase did with her restaurant, especially during the Civil Rights movement. Disney is converting Splash Mountain into...

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A Fresh Roast of 35 Memes for College Students Roasting Freshmen

College students are in a temporary state of perpetual exhaustion, juggling life on their shoulders and drinking way too much coffee. The demands of college are overwhelming; half of the things we learn don't serve us in any manner whatsoever after we graduate, so whoever built those curriculums lives under a rock. Late-night study sessions, early morning classes, and a never-ending stream of deadlines add up to a wild amount of… zero sleep. It...

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Some of us dedicate endless hours to making our garden look impeccable. So it's only natural that we get annoyed every time weeds start growing in our perfectly manicured garden. But did you know that some weeds can actually be beneficial for your garden? Click on the gallery and learn more!

The Best Throwback Photos of Kate Middleton Before She Was Royalty

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Looking for how to make some Christmas shirts for you and your friends? Here is a list of 20 free SVG cut files perfect for creating your own festive shirts.

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Taco Bell announces new menu items: Steak Chile Verde Fries debut; Enchirito returns

Taco Bell's new items on the menu include Steak Chile Verde Fries, plus Watermelon Berry Freezes. Also, the Enchirito returns.

Promise, The Baby Shower Dress Of Your Dreams Is On This List

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The Best Summer Dress and Boot Combinations to Try

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Old slang phrases we should bring back

If you hang around older relatives or watch older movies, then you've probably heard some hilarious old-fashion slang words. And while they may sound a bit odd, let's all admit that some antiquated slang terms can perfectly convey just about every mood. So why not bring them back to present times? Not only will it sound funny, but people will be impressed by your knowledge of linguistics and history, too! Curious? Click on to check out these old slang phrases.

How to Make Calming Lavender Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Learn how to make lavender bath bombs at home. These easy to make bath bombs help you relax and melt away stress.

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9 Summer Salsa Recipes

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BeWell: How to Maintain A Clutter-Free Living Space

BeWell: How to Maintain A Clutter-Free Living Space

5 Buzzy AAPI-Owned Jewelry Brands To Add To Your Shopping Roster

We hold jewelry close to our hearts, and to close out AAPI month, we’re sharing designers you can celebrate and shop year-round. All the brands we’ve rounded up have collections that range from dainty to quirky, but each one is embracing 2023’s top jewelry trends. You’ll find everything from nameplate necklaces to affordable wedding bands to pieces that embody Y2K maximalism. No matter the month, we’ll continue adding new buzzy AAPI-owned brands...

See how Donald Trump's spouse transformed from a model into the first lady

Celebrate former model and first lady Melania Trump's 53rd birthday with a look back at her best fashion moments over the years.

This Woman Discovered 'Signs Of Life' Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

This Woman Discovered ‘Signs Of Life’ Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

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Let's break down all the nuances of the royal family's security, from King Charles III down the Windsor line.

These 5 Pieces of Meghan Markle's Jewelry Will Stand the Test of Time

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What are beige flags, and why is the dating world exposing them?

Everyone has heard about red flags because you’ve either encountered them on dating profiles and while dating, or you’ve warned someone else about one. While red flags are warning signs that indicate you should run the other way, green flags are the positive signs that affirm your decision-making and can be used as guide posts. But what about "beige flags"? The term has become popularized online and in the dating world, with a surprising amount of people agreeing on examples of it and exposing them in dating contexts. But what exactly are they? Click through to learn more.

What is Rue La La? Affordable Luxury Finds for Budget Shoppers

What is Rue La La? This is a question I frequently get asked, especially by those who love designer brands on a budget like me! photo credit via Rue La La Today we are sharing our experience using the site along with some smart savings tips to help you to save even more. We have [ more]

Men's emotional needs in a relationship (and how to meet them)

Much is talked about emotional needs in general, but do these differ between men and women? Well, according to experts, some of them do. Though, unlike women’s, men’s emotional needs are not as often discussed. Of course, some are similar to those of women, but there are a few differences when it comes to the things that makes men feel loved and content in a relationship. In this gallery, we delve into the world of men's emotional needs and how you can meet them so you both can enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.

20 Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses That Look So Luxurious

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